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Welcome to Master Swing's Website

We want you to explore the opportunities and fun that await you at Master Swing Practice Center.  We've designed our website to provide you with all the answers that you may be looking for, but if there is something that we have overlooked, don't hesitate to contact us.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Master Swing Practice Center

Batting Cages in August are Open Monday - Friday 3pm-7pm,
 & Sundays 1pm-4pm             
(closed Sept. 2-4th)


Teams - you don't have to bake out in the sun or get rained out of valuable practice time!!! Playoffs & tournament time is fast approaching & Master Swing's indoor batting cages can help your team prepare without being exposed to the intense sun or other weather elements.

Master Swing offers scheduled batting/pitching practice for as little as $27per cage hour!
Regular hourly cage rates $32/hr.
Call Jon at (502) 758-1414 to get your team on our schedule.  You'll be glad you did when the games start this post-season!!! We are often told that more is accomplished in an hour long Master Swing practice than a 2 hour on-field practice. Our automated batting cages saves you lots of time & energy for the more important job of coaching your kids!!!

Golfers - Our Golf Range is now Open during batting cage hours!

Golf Instruction - Private & Small group (upto 3 students) is also available!

Group Lesson information is out! Check our group lesson tab under lessons!